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What's a city? A melting pot of contradictions, tumultuous and vibrant, perpetually changing.
Paris, Brussels, San Sebastian or Venice: in the European city—natural habitat, place of transit, ultimate playground—I explore my immediate surroundings through the prism of a certain conception of travel.
Moved by a feeling of urgency, I record my trajectories. I photograph faces and bodies that appear and disappear instantly into the moving crowd—a chassé-croisé of chaotic itineraries rhythmed by confrontations—attempting to convey the intuition of a flux, the tangible dynamic, the inner beat of the city, its energy.

Incessantly questioning my relationship to the territory, I mean to sketch an intimate cartography of the world in which I move, to depict and transfigure the ordinary, to suggest the outlines of my relationship to the world, my sense of a common destiny.
My pictures—an accumulation of notes taken on-the-spot—are the markers of an approach by which I project my concerns about identity, my relation to otherness, to collective history, to the sacred.
By organizing them in sequences but also by integrating them into systems for exhibitions, I mean to give substance to an allegorical work—a psychic journey whose power of evocation resides in its capacity to suggest, to invite the spectator to revisit his own history.

My practice of photography and my projects are inspired at once by documentary photography (The Americans by Robert Frank and Nordmeer by Guergui Pinkhassov; the art of Josef Koudelka, Jean Gaumy and Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt), diaries (The I Novel by Araki, the art of Daido Moriyama, Anders Petersen and JH Engstrom) and interrogations developed by contemporary artists who question the photographic medium and the photographed object (Thomas Ruff, William Wegman, Hanna Starkey, Wolfgang Tillmans).

°° All the black and white pictures that appear on the site were made using analogical technique.

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